Welcome to the community The Down Syndrome Association of York Region is committed to promoting a positive image of people with Down Syndrome, as being valued members of our communities. Learn More
Our Mission We are a group of parents, individuals with Down Syndrome, educators and community support professionals who firmly believe in the inherent equality of person with Down Syndrome. We are committed to promoting a positive image of people with Down Syndrome as being valued community members. Learn More


Local mom behind push for Down syndrome legislation
Private member’s bill proposed to help those who receive prenatal diagnosis! http://www.dsao.ca/local-mom-behind-push-for-down-syndrome-legislation/ Read more
Winter 2016 newsletter


We are searching for a new SEAC Alternate Representative for the Separate School Board. If you wish to volunteer click below to send your details and interest.

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When faced with a new situation, such as having a child with Down syndrome, it is important to get first-hand, real-life information and experiences from families who have lived it. Meeting other families and children with Down syndrome helps to learn what amazing abilities these individuals possess. Joining our Association allows you to be connected in a way that will benefit you and your child.

The quality of life of an individual with Down syndrome has improved significantly over the last few decades, so rather than being disheartened by dated or inaccurate resources, membership to an association such as the DSAYR allows you to learn the new "reality" of living with Down syndrome.
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